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Our knitters

Our knitters
We work with knitters all over Norway. They are widely spread from Oslo in the east throughout the south, the west and as far as Bodø in the north. It is everything from students and doctors to women working from home and retirees. It's incredibly rewarding to work with them, they are free to knit when it suits them and they produce at their own speed.

KOCO Global
The production in India is made in collaboration with KOCO Global. KOCO stands for Knit One garment Change One life. These are knitting hubs of women from rural parts of India. In their village girls do not receive an education. Girls become women with no emploiment prospects other than seasonal labour work, depending on their father or husband for financial security.

By bringing women together to work outside their home and away from domestic duties and earning a stable income, KOCO is part of transforming lives. This is a part of a sustainable business model that is forward thinking and with lots to gain for all parts involved. 

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