How it´s made

Machine knit
Kupong is a Oslo based clothing brand with a love for knitwear and sustainabe fashion.

The Uniform Collection is the core of our brand, and consist of timeless quality knitwear to wear all day, every day. Each piece is carefully made by us for you. These styles are always in stock and Kupongs ultimate staple wear designed for a Scandinavian lifestyle.

We strive for an unwaistful lifestyle and wish to deliver a sustainable product. Our productions are small, some on demand - and always designed to make quality last.

The pieces in the collection is named after our favorite characters in Friends, Rachel and Phoebe. Our first collection was inspired by the 70’s, 80s and 90's fashion in music and movies.  We still have a soft spot for this day of age and feel nostalgic about the 90s when we ourselves became adults. The collection is made in a mix of lambswool and mohair, also qualities and materials that were popular in the 90s.

The Uniform Collection is designed in Norway and produced in Europe, with materials and yarn form Italy.

Hand knit
We wish to build a brand with a good production line that makes unique quality products. 

We see a tendency and a demand for hand knitted garments that are distinctive with an anchorage in fashion. Kupong uses traditional knitting techniques in developing the products, but the look and style is contemporary and upbeat.

We work with women all over Norway. The knitters are widely spread from Oslo in the east throughout the south, the west and as far as Bodø in the north. They are students, doctors, retirees and women working from home. 

Knitting takes time and effort. We would like to communicate the whole story, also the production of the garments. There are real women behind every item who create these beautiful pieces for you to wear.

That is also why each garment is signed by the woman who knitted it, and you can feel good about buying a fully handmade product.

All the garments are knitted in yarn from Sandnes Garn.

Knitting is a part of our traditional heritage. We looked into having the collection produced in Norway and decided to create a handmade line sold as ready-made. What started out as a dawning idea in 2008, has now become a knitwear concept.

KOCO Global
The Capsule Collection is produced in India in collaboration with KOCO Global. KOCO stands for Knit One garment Change One life. These are knitting hubs of women from rural parts of India. In their village girls do not receive an education. Girls become women with no emploiment prospects other than seasonal labour work, depending on their father or husband for financial security.

By bringing women together to work outside their home and away from domestic duties and earning a stable income, KOCO is part of transforming lives. 

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