Kupong X KID

In line with Kupong's philosophy of making clothes in a better way, we have teamed up with Kid Interiør. Kid sits on a large warehouse of headstock fabrics, this is usually faulty production or incorrect measurements and sizes. These are usually sold internally. These are new fabrics of good quality, many with 100% cotton/linen and are very suitable for clothing.

 I contacted Kid in the spring of 2022 and have gained access to a number of fabrics in crepe, linen and cotton from which I have developed a proto collection. I have also had several models sewn up which I launched on my own website in June as a trial project and were very well received.

The concept is called Kupong X Kid and the idea behind it is based on a circular idea: Collect-Clean-Create.

We collect the fabrics, wash them and give them new life.

The collaboration will consist of developing patterns in Norway that can be sold online (via both Kupong and Kid's websites) and encourage people to use fabrics that are already in circulation or to use bed linen from Kid interior.

Although Kupong's main focus is knitwear, we want to incorporate side projects by using woven fabrics and cut/sew. Therefore, this project will be with Kupong and Kid, and there will be no knitted garments.

The name Kupong originates from Norway's post-war period and gives a thrifty association.

In those days, people repaired their clothes and gave them new life and took good care of what they had.

Kid interiør

The group consists of the Kid Interiør chains with a store portfolio of around 145 stores in Norway, and Hemtex with around 140 stores in Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

Tise Second Chance

Since 2019 and the start of Tise Second Chance- Kupong has been a partner and collaborator. Second chance is a new concept from Tise that allows you to buy extraordinary goods and exclusive treasures from the archive of your favorite brands! Give a second chance to clothes that can no longer be sold as regular items in stores, and reduce clothing waste while you shop. Kupong supplies with clothing from the archive, sales goods or samples/ photos. Normally clothing that for some reason can be sold at retail price and have some small flaws dont compromise on great quality, usability and fashion.

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Kupong X KOCO Global

Kupong collaborate with Koco Global- Knit One Change One ( life). These garments are knitted and produced by women in rural areas of India.
The Capsule Collection is produced and hand knitted by KOCO. These are knitting hubs of women from rural parts of India. In their village girls do not receive an education. Girls become women with no emploiment prospects other than seasonal labour work, depending on their father or husband for financial security. By bringing women together to work outside their home and away from domestic duties and earning a stable income, KOCO is part of transforming lives. Read more about Koco Global here.

Mama Jules X Kupong knit.wear

We have made a collection with Mama Jules- clothes for nursing.