Kupong knit.wear & Textile market

Kupong is an exclusive knitwear- and textile concept with an edge. It was created with a love for fashion and colour.

The brand was established in 2018 in Oslo. The idea was to maintain traditions within hand made clothing and textile- everything from embroideries to stitching and knitting. In this collection you will find a selection of hand knitted goods, clothing and accessories made from surplus fabrics.

The collection consist of unique pieces and quality staple wear. All is made to last and and designed to leave less footprint.

We use mostly natural materials suited for our Nordic climate. 

The brand do not follow seasons, but design timeless wardrobe favourites to love and wear all year round. 

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Kupong knitwear is designed with a consideration and respect for the environment. We make knitwear collections in happy colours and sustainable materials to wear all year round, well adapted to the Nordic climate. Read more about our approach to sustainability.

Made well

Kupong is seasonless quality knitwear designed for a Nordic lifestyle to wear all year round.

The collections are small, some on demand- but always made to last.

Love, life & knits!